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The Horber Schienen-Tage event ...

... developed from a local discussion initiative into the most important German-speaking specialist symposium on the Rail topic which is open to everyone. In 1983, a few people interested in rail traffic met at the initiative of Kurt Bielecki in Horb in Southern Germany (near the Black Forest) to discuss railway issues. The state of the Deutsche Bahn (Federal German Railway) and the company's withdrawal from local presence caused a lot of concern at that time. Since then, every year in late November, the Horber Schienen-Tage organisers invite the interested public to learn, discuss and socialise with participants from the industry, trade associations, public transportation services, politics and science. People committed to transport policy – be it by profession or as volunteers – have the opportunity to speak with rail traffic professionals on the same level. ...(click here for more information)

... has accompanied fourty years of development in traffic politics. After the German reunification, the Deutsche Bundesbahn ceased to be the only counterpart for discussions. Starting in 1989, discussions involving employees of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (former GDR state railway) brought new aspects. In 1996, the situation changed once again, the reform of the German railway system marked the rejection of the state railway. The opportunities and challenges involved are part of the agenda every year. From the very beginning, the requirement of sustainable mobility has been an important issue. ...(click here for more information in German)

... has been around for fourty years now, and during this time, it has accounted for the increasing importance of European and global topics. It is a comprehensive, specialist symposium for the German-speaking countries, seen as a part of Europe. The railway in Germany is not a stand-alone organisation, but integrated into a continental traffic system. This is why challenges related to the European unification and globalisation issues are up for discussion again and again. ...(click here for more information)

... is still organised by volunteers, even after fourty years. This is the only way to keep this event affordable for everyone who wants to take part in this specialist symposium and independent discussion platform for the German-speaking countries. Since 2006, the Horber Schienen-Tage event has been organised by the Trägerverein HST e.V, a non-profit support association.





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