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Resolution 37. HST: Verkehrswende + Bekämpfung der Klimakrise braucht jetzt mehr Bahn
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The specialist symposium on the Rail topic, "Horber Schienen-Tage"

Over thirty years, the Horber Schienen-Tage have developed from a local discussion initiative into the most important German-speaking specialist symposium on the Rail topic. Every year in late November, the interested public is invited to learn, discuss and socialise with participants from the industry, trade associations, public transportation services, politics and science. People committed to traffic or transport policy – be it by profession or as volunteers – have the opportunity to speak with rail traffic professionals on the same level ... (click here for more information)

Bahn für die Menschen – Menschen für die Bahn (Railway for Men – Men for the Railway) under this motto the event 31. Horber Schienen-Tage took place. ... (Lesen Sie weiter, click here for more information in German)

The Horber Schienentage are organized by the Trägerverein HST e.V., a non-profit support association.

More projects from the Trägerverein HST e.V. (pages in German only):

The success of our first excursion for railway specialists to Tunesia led us to offer similar excursions in spring 2014. The first part of our motto "Railway for Men": fits perfectly into the actual situation in Tunesia. After the Arabian Spring, the published opinion in Germany emphasizes the problems and ignores the hope that is connected for the Tunesian people with the new time. ... (Lesen Sie weiter, click here for more information in German)

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